Dérive: Sonic Walk

Sonic Walk: As part of the exhibition Hyperlocal at Kettle’s Yard Research Space. A sonic walk from Arbury Community Centre to Meadows Community Centre in North Cambridge.

The act of walking is a form of contact with land, ‘walking is the way the body measures itself against the earth’, writes Rebecca Solnit.

Walking in this respect is a form of bringing the far closer to touch when so much of our body occupies a virtual space.

For this workshop we will take on the role of the dérive in locating new pathways and spaces led by the intuition of the group. We will choose a direction by rolling a handmade dice instructing us left, right, forward, backwards. The dice will be used as a method of breaking habitual routes and pathways. At each location we will tune-in to micro sounds, rhythms, acoustics and reverberations as well as reflecting on the experience of listening within the city environment.